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Aware Parenting Certification

Transforming families around the world.

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Would you like to certify as a level 1 Aware Parenting Instructor in the UK, Ireland or Sub-Saharan Africa?

Rebecca is a level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor and has been supporting parents using the Aware Parenting approach for nearly 10 years. Rebecca is the regional co-ordinator of the UK , Ireland and Sub-Saharan Africa supporting those wishing to certify as Aware Parenting Level 1 Instructors.


You can read all about the philosophy here.  These are the 10 principles of Aware Parenting

List of Requirements

  • You can find the list of requirements on Dr Solter's website here.    For the workshop requirement, attend either Rebecca's 2 day online training on Transforming families with Aware Parenting or a full-day workshop by Aletha Solter.​​ Rebecca runs her workshop twice a year. 

Additionally you will need to:​

Dates: 2024: 5th June , 19th June, 3rd July, 11th September, 25th September, 9th October, 23rd October, 13th November , 27th November 2024, 11th December

PLEASE NOTE THAT REBECCA WILL BE RUNNING 1 MENTORING PROGRAMME EACH YEAR STARTING IN JUNE. ( I have moved this to begin in June each year as have noticed everyone feels so tired and there are lots of illnesses around in January so we will wrap up the programme by early December and often the craziness it brings!)

Price includes:

  • My 1 day online workshop: Transforming Families with Aware Parenting. For those who have already attended my workshop the fee is deducted from the mentoring fee.

  • An hour 1-1 with me

  • 10x 2 hour mentoring sessions

  • An online community platform

  • Lots of materials to support your learning under course materials on the platform

  • Lots of Instructor prompts and resources to use on your instructor journey

  • Extra hop on sessions for more clarification

 Please email Rebecca if you would like to join the next group mentoring    programme. (Approx 10-12 participants) 

  • Lead a 2 hour online workshop which you can record or invite Rebecca to attend. This can be on a topic of your choice but must include some opportunities for participants to reflect together about the topic being shared. For those who plan to work 1- 1 with parents I request an outline of how you   envision your offerings to parents and families. 

  • Have at least 1 listening partnership with another parent practising 'gentle parenting'. A listening partnership is where you and another parent exchange regular listening support with each other. Here is a short video explaining how it works. You can ask to join our Listening Partnership WhatsApp group. 

  • Be in some form of therapy or inner child work (This may also have been in the past)

  • Application procedure:

  •  After you have met all the basic requirements listed on Dr. Solter's website here and the additional requirements listed above, please send the following three items to Rebecca Sheikh at

1) the completed application form 

2) your written application (divided into five sections as described here)

3) your letter of recommendation (which must include a signature or e-signature) 

  • Finally I do not wish money to be an obstacle for certification if you are unable to afford the mentoring or application fee please reach out. 

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