Rebecca offers weekly parenting support or 1-1 consultations, these can be with or without children.

We contacted Rebecca for some advice on sleep for our 5-month-old daughter. At that point, we were desperate to understand why our attachment-style sleep method wasn’t leading to decent sleep but getting progressively worse. I don’t know what we would’ve done without Rebecca’s advice. Having just read The Aware Baby, I didn’t feel totally ready to implement the crying in arms approach and I was scared of not meeting her needs. I loved how non-judgemental and compassionate Rebecca was, her suggestions always starting with “You could try.... “ rather than the more common “rod for your own back” advice. We were so glad to be able to have this extra support and not having to recurr to traditional sleep training techniques.
— Maru, London
Book your 1-1 support here

Book your 1-1 support here

Much progress since Saturday. A real learning curve but hubby is on board and can really notice when my child needs play time. i.e Monday was amazing and this morning he was frustrated as dad wasn’t here to do the play session, but now I can see it, its giving the opportunity to help him. Very good and still very early days. Hes even jumping on me for cuddles, which hasn’t happened forever! :) Thank you! It does make you want to tell everyone doesn’t it!
— Sam, London