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Parenting Programme

Parenting Programme

Rowena Markies from Pathways to Potential and Rebecca Sheikh from Flourishing Childhood have partnered to create a programme for parents called 'Pathways to Flourish' to support parents to help children to truly thrive and flourish in their care. We believe parents are best equipped for this job, however we were never meant to parent in isolation. We also know that parenting from our often own stormy childhoods can make the task of parenting even more challenging.  

In our 12 week programme we explore ways to support you the parent to feel more empowered and equipped to deal with the many challenges parenting can bring to us.  Research shows that taking part in parenting classes can be transformative for families. You can read my blog post here.  However we feel 1 class isn't enough to help dig deeply in the many multifaceted layers of being a parent.

We also feel parents voices need to be heard and their wellbeing is paramount to parenting. Our programme prioritises you the parent while also supporting your child to flourish. 

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