About Rebecca

A fantastic workshop. I came away feeling supported and hopeful. I am really excited to come to more workshops by you.
— Zoe, London

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I provide non-judgemental expert support to parents, childcare professionals and other organisations working with children, wanting to raise compassionate, resilient and intrinsically motivated children ready to embrace their adulthood.

By learning from Rebecca how to be more playful, she has given me the magic key to my giggly daughters heart. I feel so much more connected to her and I am grateful to be allowed to finally have fun myself.
— Lizanne, London

Before giving birth, I was a Primary School teacher for 17 years and just completed my Masters in Counselling in Education. But nothing could have prepared me for the incredible miracle of having a baby.

Why work with Flourishing Childhood?

Despite my knowledge and professional experience with children, the post birth experience was an overwhelming and emotional time. I felt totally unprepared and lonely. I didn't know how to deal with issues like sleep, crying, needs, behaviour or manage difficult feelings arising from my own childhood. All the advice freely available on websites and in books just didn’t give me a full understanding of what was happening or practical ways of how to deal with these in an instinctual and sensitive way. I have not only dealt personally with many of the issues parents face in parenting but also have the knowledge you need to support your child’s emotional wellbeing, resilience and self regulation.

Why do I use the Aware Parenting Philosophy as my foundation?

The Aware Parenting philosophy has both confirmed and challenged my beliefs about what it means to be a parent. Fulfilling a need to create a secure attachment with my child and a close connection that I believe will allow her to grow into a confident, independent and self disciplined adult, with a deep understanding of her own feelings and needs. This is bound up in the way I interact with the world and ultimately as her strongest example to follow, it inspired me to become an instructor. I look forward to sharing this gentle yet practical philosophy with you in raising your children.

How can I support you on your journey in caring for children?

‘I found it a very safe space and warm advise was given by all in the space , without being preachy or perfectionist. Rebecca also has the humility of another parent who also admits struggles and is ok with that. I was felt I could also able to give my suggestions to others which is empowering as a dad.’
— R, London

I am available for individual consultations

I offer weekly Nurture sessions to support you in your parenting

I run regular workshops

I host a parenting support circle

I invite parenting professionals to share their expertise in various talks and workshop events

I also run a parent and child group which is Waldorf inspired, with a focus on not only the children but the parent/carers. It is more than a play group, it is a holistic and nurturing group with the intention to make life with children happier, easier and more connected.

Rebecca’s Qualifications and courses

‘I love using the play technique. I can easily go down the wound up, angry, tired, stressed route which is horrible. But last night they were on the bed and I started wrapping up “the big brother parcel ‘ to send to China! And the parcel kept slipping out the packaging and I had to keep wrapping up the problem parcel who then started escaping and running around the house! Soon my daughter joined in and kept escaping her packing/duvet too! No more fighting or tears. They went to bed in minutes. Sorted!
— Althea, London