Where are you? I found you!

Game of the week:

This weeks game is the 'Where are you? I found you! game.

It is a separation game to heal separation stress and trauma in babies and children's lives. Separation profoundly impacts children's behaviour, sleep, relationships and sense of safety that can carry into their adult lives. What Dr Solter has given parents is a way to heal this in the here and now ❤️

'This beautiful game can help heal separation anxiety and past separation stress and trauma children may have experienced. When your child or baby is sitting on your lap and they aren't looking at you, say, "Where is...? I can't find.. anywhere!' When they look at you, stare into their eyes with delight and say, 'I found you!' I'm so happy!' I couldn't find you anywhere, and now I have found you!' Give them lots of cuddles. If they look away again. Repeat. This fills their love and connection cups profoundly and can support not only separations but behaviour.'

It can help with separation anxiety, starting school, new experiences and even separations like when we are on our phones too much or have been preoccupied and stuck in our heads.

Have fun connecting, healing, living joyfully. 🌈❤️