I am here to support you on your parenting journey.


Are you longing to parent in a more connected way?

Do you find it difficult to meet your needs?

Do you easily get triggered into angry reactions to your child/ren?

Do you want them to just listen to you?

Do you want to parent in a different way than you were parented but unsure of how to do that on a day to day basis?

Are you struggling to see eye to eye in your parenting styles?

Would you like to learn to love tantrums and crying in your babies and children?

Would you like to bring more joy and resilience into your parenting style?

Then this is just the support you need. I too have been there. Am there. But having the knowledge of attachment, child development and nervous system work through Aware Parenting gives me a stronger foundation in which to parent. I would love to share these with you too.

Practical help that supports you each week with parents of babies and children up to 11.

An initial 1-1 consultation needs to be booked prior to the weekly support.

(You get 2 hours for almost exactly the same price as an hours consultation)


Book your weekly support session here.

Once you have booked through Paypal Rebecca will arrange a convenient time each week to connect.

I am so grateful that Rebecca offers these weekly support sessions. It’s simply wonderful to know that every week I can touch base with someone I trust and go over all those relatively minor but niggling parenting events (from skeletons in the boiler to sharing toys with the new baby). I think the beauty of these sessions is that they are NOT designed for some crisis situation (although I would certainly turn to Rebecca if/when we have one of those!). I actually believe that having this sort of regular support is what will make any kind of parenting crisis less likely in the future! Rebecca is a great listener and half of the problem generally dissolves once I’ve shared the details and realise my children are not in fact doomed by my parenting. She then always offers a game or response that turns the niggling problem into a way to connect with my children. Last, but not least, I really value that by regularly connecting with me and my family, if/ when a difficult situation arrises in the future (say, adolescence?!), Rebecca will already know me and my children and I will be able to act on her advice with complete trust. Oh and we always have a great giggle.
— Julie, mother to a 1 year old and 5 year old, Norway