Throw you pyjama game

Game of the week:

💪🏼 This week is the 'Throw your pyjama' game!

➡️ Yes throw you pyjamas at you child. 

➡️ It has featured every night for the last few weeks. We sometimes have calm, relaxing bedtimes, but at other times they just need more of a physical release. I have had a few changes the last few weeks which means I haven't been around as much as usual, and they have been wanting to have much more physical games like this to release the accumulated stress. 

💥 In this game you throw each item of their pyjamas (including underpants!) at them. 

💥 They have to try dodge each item.(make sure you miss a few times!)

💥 If it does hit them they have to put it on. 

💥 My 2 never argue when they have to put it on. My 7 year old is so good now, it's quite hard to actually get her! 

💥 Usually when they are fully clothed we head off to brush teeth or finish getting ready for bed. 

💪🏼 If it doesn't end as smoothly as that, they may need to realise some more feelings through crying and raging. We can just then listen and support them through this. 

I am doing the Hand in Hand Professional Intensive training this year and I love the term they give to listening to these feelings. STAY LISTENING. That's all they require, is for us to stay and listen 🧡

This game is great for:

🧡 connection
🧡 relaxing stress and trauma from the day
🧡  supporting laughter
🧡  bed time battles
🧡  co-operation
🧡  strengthening relationship
🧡  supporting sleep
🧡  enjoying being a parent 💪🏼

Have fun and do share if it helps in your house😊