Throw that towel

Game of the week:

My game of the week is 'throw that towel'

This is a game my 6 year old invented last week. There was general irritating behaviour before bed time and I was feeling quite tired, so when my 6 year old threw her wet towel on my head, my first reaction was annoyance. I did manage to just 'take a step a back' for once, and see the opportunity for play. The towel wasn't actually that wet! 

So I threw it back at her and it landed on her head as it had on mine. We all burst out laughing. They then got me a towel and the aim of the game was to throw the towel on each others head. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the game and we were all in stitches. There was something REALLY funny about it landing on the other persons head and them disappearing under a big towel. 

Of course they didn't want to stop the game, but I said 2 more goes and then we need to choose a story. There was little bit of fuss, but nothing to write home about, and boom there we were cuddled in bed reading our stories. (AND they brushed their teeth before we got in!)

If we are more open to noticing these opportunities for connection and laughter with our children, we will find things that were difficult become easier, and in general just more fun.

Of course not all games end this easily. And often there is a huge meltdown, but I also know that these meltdowns too create space for connection and healing.

Let me know if you have a go at towel throwing.