Please join me for a supportive session at the community room at The West Norwood Library and Picture house. (Suggested donation £10-£15)


'I found it a very safe space and warm advise was given by all in the space , without being preachy or perfectionist. Rebecca also has the humility of another parent who also admits struggles and is ok with that.  I was felt I could also able to give my suggestions to others which is empowering as a dad.'

 'I love using the play technique. I can easily go down the wound up, angry, tired, stressed route which is horrible. But last night they were on the bed and I started wrapping up “the big brother parcel ‘ to send to China! And the parcel kept slipping out the packaging and I had to keep wrapping up the problem parcel who then started escaping and running around the house! Soon my daughter joined in and kept escaping her packing/duvet too! No more fighting or tears. They went to bed in minutes. Sorted!'

This regular nurturing parenting circle is a time to connect with like minded parents who wish to parent in a more conscious way. Often this brings with it uncertainty of exactly what to do with certain behaviour, sleep or other issues that we come across with our babies and children.

I offer my professional support as a Level 2 Aware Parenting teacher, I also have an MA from the Tavistock & Portman and have done various courses in healing trauma in children, OCN gentle sleep qulification in gentle sleep methods as well as the NVC foundation course and PET 8 week training. It is wonderful how together we can  support and nurture our parenting in this way.

You can bring any issues you are struggling with in your parenting from birth to 11.

This includes:

  • feeding

  • crying

  • toilet training

  • sibling rivalry

  • sleep

  • behaviour

  • tantrums

  • self-care