She/he's mine game

Game of the week:

This is one of my all time favourite games because of the huge impact it has on my children. My 3 year old seemed to invite this game the other day, so my husband spontaneously played it.

I held onto her tightly saying something like, "I love her SO much she is all mine!' and then my husband took her from me and said, 'No, she is all mine, I love her so much.' and we went back and forth like this for a while. She kept saying again, again. So obviously it was working at creating connection and a feeling of being loved. 

My husband and I chatted later about it and we both noticed the effect on her body and energy while playing the game and after playing it. It truly meets so many needs of your child all in one game. They feel loved, accepted, connected, heard, appreciated, they get lots of physical touch, closeness, nurturing, safety, etc etc.

It's a great game to play:

➡️ after the birth of a sibling
➡️ when there is sibling rivalry especially when they are acting aggressively towards a sibling
➡️ when we have been harsh
➡️ when there is stress in the home 
➡️ when there has been a separation/divorce
➡️ children are generally acting obnoxious or acting out alot
➡️ if your child is finding separation or bedtime difficult 
➡️ anytime!

We sometimes also play with both children, swapping over. However, it really works best when it's just you and one child. Have fun playing 💕 and most importantly enjoy the happy, co-operative, joyful child that usually emerges. 

ps. don't forget that if your child needs to cry after this game, especially when you end it, it's a natural mechanism for them to release any accumulated stress from their bodies and can be welcomed. This too will open space for them to access their true nature. 😭💪🏼❤️