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Teacher Programme

Rowena Markies from Pathways to Potential and Rebecca Sheikh from Flourishing Childhood have partnered to create a programme for teachers & parents called 'Pathways to Flourish' to support mental health, wellbeing and behaviour in schools. The programme can also be run with parents alongside it. In a report by the Children & Young People's Mental Health Coalition they said that there needs to be a complete paradigm shift in the way we support behaviour in schools. Our programme supports you every step of the journey. 

Teacher and Student


"Pathways to Flourish" mission is supporting young people and teachers in achieving their full potential while promoting a flourishing childhood. It provides a roadmap or pathway to help individuals thrive in various areas of their lives.

School Garden


This name aligns with the organisations leading the project, "Pathways to Potential and Flourishing Childhood," while also highlighting the emphasis on growth and mental well-being. "Pathways to Flourish" signifies the project's commitment to creating supportive environments, offering resources, and facilitating opportunities for individuals to flourish and lead fulfilling lives.

School Garden

Schools Programme

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