Roll mum or dad off the bed

Game of the week:

This weeks game is 'Roll you mum/dad off the bed'

➡️ A well loved game in our home. My children will often ask for this game or suggest it, when either me, or they, are finding things hard (usually when I am being a grumpy mummy). I often don't feel like playing it, but when I do, we have GREAT fun and the connection is incredible.

➡️ It is a great power reversal game.

➡️ A game full of connection and fills their deep need for autonomy and power.

➡️ In this game your child gets to roll you off the bed onto the floor. Make sure you create a soft landing:) You can start by giving some resistance and then let them roll you off the bed, falling down dramatically and expressing how powerful and strong they are. This game can be played as often as possible! Also great to get siblings arguing to gang up against you to push you off the bed together.

➡️ It can help with co-operation, sibling rivalry, aggression, whining etc etc

AND it a super connector game ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️