Relax on the cushion

Game of the week:

My game of the week is 'Relax on a comfy cushion'!

It's known as a physical contact game, as we create lots of physical contact when we play it. My 2 absolutely love me playing this game and my 6 year old will now ask for it. You will notice they naturally invite this game by wriggling behind where you are sitting. 

What you do is pretend that they are a cushion when you sit down on the couch.

Pretend not to notice that  they are there, and start saying how incredible the cushion behind you is, how soft and oooooh it even gives you massages. etc.

It's all about physical contact so you can press against them (as long as they are enjoying it.)

When they laugh out loud or make a loud noise I then turn around in surprise to find them there! I say things like, 'Oh, it's you! I didn't know you were there!' 'What a lovely surprise!' I am so glad it's you.' They usually want me to play it over and over again (until I've had enough) As long as they are laughing, the game is working! 

It is even useful for separation anxiety, as when you find them behind you, the reconnection is like that after a separation.

Have fun connecting in this lovely way and what I usually notice is that they are a lot more cooperative and helpful the more we play games like this. Just a reminder that children sometimes may cry when we end these deeply connecting games and these too are beautiful moments to listen and accept the range of emotions our children bring to us to be healed.