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Attachment Play is a therapeutic type of play that can be used to transform behaviour as well as heal stress and trauma in children’s live. It supports emotional wellbeing and resilience. Dr Solter’s book Attachment Play outlines 9 forms of play we can use to support our children in this way.

➡️ You can book this workshop for your school.

➡️ So that parents understand the 9 forms of play and their therapeutic play benefits I lead a 2 hour workshop, before parents take part in the play workshop. This can be an evening talk.

➡️ The maximum I can have participating in one class is 15 parents and children. Therefore it is best to split classes into 2 groups over the school day. One workshop is the morning and the other takes place in the afternoon. I will need a large space to use for the workshop.

➡️ In this workshop parents are encouraged to participate in a 3 hour workshop to play with their children in this deeply connected way.

➡️ Using Attachment Play with our children has so many benefits!

💥 It profoundly strengths our attachment and connection with our children
 💥 It helps children access their cooperation parts: they're much more likely to listen to us
💥  It can prevent them from behaving unpleasantly (hitting, using bad language, fighting with they sibling etc.)
💥  It can help them heal from traumatic or stressful events

➡️ Parents will leave the workshop

💥 with a deeper understanding of their children’s behaviour

💥 with playful ways to support their child when they are behaving in unpleasant ways

💥 understanding 9 ways that you can help their children to listen and co-operate

💥 with a tool box of games that can support their child to listen and co-operate

💥 with a deeper connection with their children

💥 with therapeutic tools to support children to heal from stress and trauma that occur in their lives.

Workshop Description:

  • This 3 hour workshop is limited to 12-15 children between 3 and 8 years of age with one or two parents per child.

  • It consists of fun filled activities designed to enhance the parent/child bond including singing, non competitive games, and special activities that dissolve tensions through laughter.

  • Parents will also spend 20 minutes of individual, quality time with their children in child directed play with materials commonly used by play therapists. This activity will be followed by a short discussion period when children return to their teachers.

  • This isn't just any old play this type of play can heal, help change your child's mood, heal stresses & traumas and make life a lot easier for you:) It also help children feel valued, loved and connected! 

    Contact Rebecca at to organise a workshop for your school

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