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The terrific 2's

It is time to take the terrible out of 2's and notice the terrific in their behaviour by understanding what exactly is going on for 2 year olds and how we can support them in a more connected and effective way that enhances attachment.

Rebecca Sheikh from Flourishing Childhood will be leading a series of workshops to support parents in their parenting using the latest understanding of developmental psychology, neuroscience and nervous system work. These workshops are for you if you have come across books like Philippa Perry's book: The Book You Wish Your Parents had Read, Daniel Siegels book: No drama Discipline or Lawrence Cohens book: Playful Parenting and you want to find out more about parenting in this deeply connected way. Perhaps you are tired of sounding like your parents or the sound of yourself nagging. Perhaps this parenting adventure hasn't turned out the way you imagined and you'd like to find a new way of communicating and connecting with your child/ren. 

Rebecca is passionate about stengthening attachment and supporting children to heal any stress and trauma that occur in their lives, early on, thus supporting mental health, wellbeing and resilience in children. A new paradigm in parenting is desperately needed to help our children navigate through an unknown future. We need to do this together. 

Later Event: November 27
Tears and Tantrums