Do you long for more of this?

Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed your parenting?

Perhaps you can’t get your child to sleep and don’t want to resort to cry it out methods?

Perhaps you are struggling with your child’s behaviour and don’t want to resort to old methods of discipline but don’t know a different way?

Perhaps they are exhausted from the birth of a sibling and don’t know why the first child is behaving in an inappropriate or aggressive way?

Do you feel helpless that your child/ren just wont listen and you can’t get them to do anything you say.

Perhaps you are sad and disheartened at your reactions to their child’s behaviour and then filled with remorse. You know there is a different way to do it but you’re stuck in a vicious guilt cycle.

Do you wish your partner would just be on the same page as you?

Do you long for balance?

Then I am on the same page as you. I too have been there.

I also know that parenting from understanding, awareness and knowledge can transform these feelings and scenarios into the more joyful parenting you envisaged.

It’s not an easy journey but I would love to support you on it.

I am here. Let’s walk together on this journey.