Our Vision

Flourishing Childhood is a not- for- profit organisation for people of all backgrounds. Our vision is to help parents, schools and other childcare providers, or organisations, to nurture resilience in babies and children, in order to access the very best life has to offer.

We base our work on the 3 main principles of The Aware Parenting Philosophy of:

  • developing strong attachments in families

  • using non punitive discipline to help regulate children 

  • and recognising the healing impact of crying, raging and laughter 

We hope to bring a sense of wellbeing to families, empowering them to parent and care for children in a healthy, nurturing way. Thus healing stress and trauma early on in children's lives to prevent mental health issues in the future.

Flourishing childhood’s foundation is the Aware Parenting philosophy and bases all it's work on research and developmental psychology.