Oh good, you're all there game

Game of the week:

How has your week been? Have you made time for play? Have you noticed the invitations?

This week it is the 'Oh good, you're all there' game.

Separation is such a huge part of our lives and difficult separations can profoundly affect us for the rest of our lives. There are many therapies that support adults to heal from separations from as early as birth.

We can support our children to heal from separations through play and laughter (and of course lovingly listening to their tears and tantrums)

'Hide and seek' and 'peek a boo' are the most common forms of separation games that can help heal these deeply primal feelings.

This game is about reconnecting after a separation. It is also a physical game, as you are connecting physically with your child but you are also helping them feel loved, wanted and missed which heals the separation.

What you do is rush over to check if all their parts are there. You can check all sorts of parts, in their nostrils, their teeth, bum, elbows, the scar on their left leg etc etc. Really feeling happy at each part you find and ending with 'Oh good, you're all there!'

If your child is noticeably enjoying the game and laughing then it's working and will support healing for the uncomfortable feelings surrounding separation.

Enjoy connecting and healing in this beautiful way.