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The healing impact of crying, raging and laughter (a 1 day INTENSIVE)

Rebecca is very excited to be leading this revolutionary workshop that delves deeply into children's natural ability to heal stress and trauma that they have been exposed to, from something as small as a visit to the dentist to more serious traumas such as severe accidents or medical trauma.  Crying, raging and laugher can also transform children’s behaviour.

  • How children heal from stress and trauma through crying, raging & laughter.

This workshop is for parents as well as professionals (teachers, psychologists, therapists, counselors, doctors, nurses, social workers, etc.). The information applies to children from birth to age 12. There will be 2 short breaks , as well as a longer lunch break. The workshop includes some small-group exercises and plenty of time for questions. It counts as six hours for purposes of Aware Parenting certification.

Stress and trauma early in life can alter children's neurobiological systems and lead to anxiety, behavior problems, hyperactivity, attachment disorders, sleep problems, learning difficulties, depression, and physical illnesses. Luckily, children know how to heal from trauma if we give them the opportunity. We will review the major sources and symptoms of stress and trauma during infancy and early childhood, and discuss the conditions required for children to restore emotional health. The focus will be on creating emotional safety and facilitating children's spontaneous stress-release mechanisms of crying, play, and laughter.

** Please note only babies under 6 months old may attend the workshops**