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Connection through play workshop (just for parents)

Do you want your child/ren to listen to you?
Would you like to yell less and laugh more?
Do you want to prevent challenging behaviour using mainly playfulness and fun?
Would you like your child/ren to access their true co-operative selves?
Do you want to learn different ways you can effectively change their behaviour?
Would you like to learn playful ways to stay connected with your children?
Would you like a different way to respond other than rewards and punishments?

If you, like me, find the daily challenges of parenting exhausting, you too will find these tools life changing.

Perhaps you get easily fustrated that they don't or won't listen? 

Maybe your child wants to jump on the bed just before bedtime and your feel angry? 

Perhaps your child is continuously using rude words? 

Or you're worried that they aren't eating properly? 

Perhaps you're tired of your child not getting their things ready on time and leaving the house ends in shouting and tears? 

Or you feel like teeth brushing is a constant battle?

Play can totally transform these moments.

We will look at the 9 forms of Attachment Play based on Dr Solter's book Attachment Play and discuss their therapeutic value, while having some fun ourslves. You will have the opportunity to practice how to use these tools with your children through experiential and practical activities. The information applies to children from birth to age 12. 

This isn't just any old play this type of play can heal, help change your child's mood, heal stresses traumas and make life a lot easier for you:) It also help children feel valued, loved and connected!

Come and play!

'I would absolutely recommend the course, it should be on the school curriculum. I think if all 'parents were aware' we would have a much better world. Thank you so much for helping me bring up my children better.' Sara, SE London

'Thanks so much Rebecca, the day was really inspiring and helpful. I loved the play workshop! Thanks for making it welcoming for our baby as well, we really appreciated it!.' Heather, London

'Thank you for an amazing and inspiring workshop that you organized. It really reflects your passion for parenting
and children’s well-being. Loved everything and especially your thoughtfulness and kindness were my a part of the souvenirs for me from London.' Sogol, Canada

'Very nice venue, worth the trip despite far from where we lived. Useful to reflect on our own feeling about rewards and punishments in our childhood. Handy book exposition at the end of the course to read more about the topic.' Catherine, London