Scare your mum and dad

Game of the week:

πŸ’€This week it's the 'Scare your mum or dad' game

πŸ•·I have always had some scary animals lying around the house. I have a huge tarantula, snakes and various scorpions and spiders. Since my last play workshop I now have a whole tray of scary creatures.

🐍 In this game your child gets to scare you. It helps realise feelings of powerlessness and frustration and release pent up emotions when we have used our power over them or got angry with them.

πŸ•·My 2 will often put a spider in my pocket (without me noticing of course) and I will then put my hand in my pocket and fling the spider out in a really surprised way, often screaming and saying something like 'What's that! Oh my gosh it's a spider! How on earth did that get there, it gave me such a huge fright!.'

πŸ’₯I'll really get into the game and take huge sighs of relief that its not in my pocket anymore.

➑️ Both my two age 6 and 3 love this game! They laugh and laugh when I get the fright. And then, as soon as I turn around to carry on what I am doing, they will sneak the creature back into my pocket and the whole game continues again. Until I say it's time to stop!

This is a power reversal game where our children get to have all the power. Some parents ask if this will make children more aggressive or badly behaved. Children know it is a game. And of course there are boundaries in the game ie no one can get hurt. But if we allow these sorts of games we can profoundly shift behaviour.