Magic pillow flight

This week is the 'magic pillow fight'

I've shared pillow fights as a type of Attachment Play many times over the years, since becoming an Aware Parenting teacher, but never used a magic wand until my play workshop last Saturday. We had such a fabulous time playing games to connect and heal. The room was filled with laughter as parents fell to the floor with their child's powerful cushions.

Instead of simply initiating a pillow fight or rough and tumble, you can use a magic wand to put a 'power spell' on the pillow. In fact, it's so powerful, you might want to use a smaller cushion for this particular game. 

The game:

➡️ you ceremoniously use a magic wand to place the magic spell on the cushion
➡️ explain that when you put the spell on the cushion it gives it the power to knock over parents
➡️ explain the rules ie. no hitting above the waste
➡️ start the magic
➡️ fall dramatically on the floor when your child whacks you
➡️ keep falling over
➡️ feign weakness
➡️ enjoy filling their power cup to the brim
➡️ when you have had enough find a way to finish the game: we said the magic spell had run out till next time

I have played pillow fights with my eldest daughter many times, but the act of putting a spell on it and putting extra power into the cushion, really empowered her to let out all those feelings of frustration, powerlessness, jealously of her sibling etc etc when she played the game. Others even noticed her vehemence. 💥

What was even more noticeable was her behaviour this week. There has been deeper connection, more co-operation and she has been generally more her lovely self. She isn't a very 'cuddly' child but has been wanting to be close all the time and saying how much she loves me constantly. Even though all my attention couldn't be on her as I lead the play session, I felt this day of connection made the world of difference to our week.

Don't worry it hasn't been all roses and fairies, there have also been some whopper tantrums. ☄️ But I welcome these as gifts to her emotional health, as they are simply our children's natural way to release accumulated stress and emotions.