Just checking you are all there

Game of the week: 

👍🏼 This week I am still on the theme of starting school, nursery and separations!

➡️ It's been an emotional week supporting my 3 year old through separating at nursery. 

➡️ We have been playing all the games I suggested from last week and I also played this game yesterday. 

❤️ The 'just checking you are all here' game. 

'In this game as soon as you see your child, give them a great big cuddle and say, 'I am just checking you are all here! Here is your nose, here are your toes, here is your knee, oh and here's your other knee, here's your bottom and lets see if I can find your cheeks. Ooooh here they are!' etc etc etc. You can go through each body part for as long as your child is enjoying it. Really appreciate each part and give it loads of love before moving onto the next! This is super connecting and healing after separations.'

➡️ Separations are such a huge part of our lives that profoundly affect our current relationships and future relationships. We can support our children to heal now rather than carry issues relating to separations into their adulthoods. I love the gift of deep understanding that Dr Solter brings to our families through Aware Parenting. ❤️