I don't want to don't make me

Game of the week:

How has your week been? Have you made time for play? Have you noticed the invitations? 

We also need to realistic, as we can't ALWAYS play and sometimes we are too tired and we don't have the headspace. But when we can, it can be transformational.

We have had a very non-cooperative second child when it comes to toothbrushing. I thought my eldest was reluctant, but the 3 year old takes it to a new level. 😉

💪🏼 We have had various games that work and lot's of connection makes a difference, but the game that supports her at the moment is this.

➡️ The 'I don't want to, don't make me' game.

➡️ This is where the object that needs to do the job protests profusely about doing it. So the toothbrush features lots.

➡️ I make a really disappointed face and say, 'Oh no I don't want to brush your teeth, don't make me!'

➡️ She always opens her mouth and then I proceed to reluctantly brush her teeth making noises to show my displeasure at having to do this. Every now and then the toothbrush comes out to ask 'me' if it's over yet?

➡️ I say no sorry, still some more to do. The toothbrush is really disappointed, but relents, and goes in to carry on brushing, all the while sounding upset and saying how disgusting it is, while naming all the food she has eaten.

➡️ Afterwards the toothbrush always says, thank goodness it's over I don't want to do that again' and then we both say, sorry you have to do it twice each day. The toothbrush protests again and we pop it away.

➡️ Recently she has been asking me to play it when she doesn't want to get dressed, put on her shoes or put her pyjamas on.

➡️ You could also use this with older children ie. with homework, perhaps a pencil doesn't want to do it.

➡️ I also know that life has been so busy recently I haven't had as much connection time as she has needed, so putting some more of this time in will also help her access her more co-operative parts.

➡️ And of course don't forget the healing power of crying and tantrums to release accumulated stress.