Attachment Play is a therapeutic type of play that can be used to transform behaviour as well as heal stress and trauma in children’s live. It supports emotional wellbeing and resilience. Dr Solter’s book Attachment Play outlines 9 forms of play we can use to support our children in this way. 

➡️ You can book this workshop for your school.

➡️ In this 4 hour workshop staff learn about the 9 forms of Attachment Play and their therapeutic benefits.

➡️ It is an experiential workshop so be prepared to play!

➡️ Using Attachment Play with children has so many benefits!

💥It profoundly strengths our attachment and connection with the children we teach
 💥It helps children access their cooperation parts: they're much more likely to listen to us
💥  It can prevent them from behaving unpleasantly (hitting, using bad language, disobeying us etc.)
💥 It can help them heal from traumatic or stressful events

➡️ Teachers will leave the workshop

💥with a deeper understanding of Children’s behaviour

💥with playful ways to support children when they are behaving in unpleasant ways

💥understanding 9 ways that you can help children to listen and co-operate

💥with a tool box of games that can support child to listen and co-operate

💥with therapeutic tools to support children to heal from stress and trauma that occur in their lives

💥 with ideas to transform your behaviour policy

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