Please find my weekly anecdotes I send out to parents to pop on their fridge to help support them in their path of gentle parenting. Please feel free to print and share.

'Children are the most in need of loving attention when they act the least deserving of it.'Dr Aletha Solter.png
'The more connected your children feel to youthe more co-operative they will.'-1.png
Reflect on these list of needs this week. The more you meet your needs the more space you have to meet your childs.-1.png
'The way we speak to our childrenbecomes their inner voice.'-1.png
Try these three games to top up your 'connection tanks' this week.png
“The she’s mine game_2- If there are two parents, sit on the couch and each pretend that she is yours, andsay, “She’s mine,” “No, she’s mine,” “No, I want her” and so on - all the laughter willfill.png
Breathe in self-compassionbreath out empathy-1.png
Good Listening Skills.png
Everyday is a new opportunity to create future pleasant memories for youand your children.png
Aware parents fill their children's needs for physical contact (holding, cuddling, etc.). They do not worry about _spoiling_ their children-4.png
Aware parents accept the entire range of emotions and listen non-judgmentally to children's expressions of feelings. They realize that they cannot prevent all sadness, anger, or frustration, and they do not attempt t.png
3. Aware parents offer age-appropriate stimulation, and trust children to learn at their own rate and in their own way. They do not try to hurry children on to new stages of development.png
Aware parents offer encouragement for learning new skills, but do not judge children's performance with either criticism or evaluative praise.png
Principle no 5.png
6. Aware parents protect children from danger, but they do not attempt to prevent all of their children's mistakes, problems, or conflicts..png
7. Aware parents encourage children to be autonomous problem-solvers and help only when needed. They do not solve their children's problems for them..png