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An introduction to Democratic Discipline

To celebrate the West Norwood Library's 50th anniversary Rebecca Sheikh will be leading a free parenting talk on:

An introduction to Democratic discipline. 

(Raising compassionate, confident and resilient children)

In this 2 hour introduction to Democratic Discipline, we will compare the 3 main types of Discipline: Permissive, Authoritarian and Democratic. I will share why the first 2 are perhaps not optimum for instilling the values and skills we wish children to take into their adult lives. Democratic discipline offers a thoughtful, nurturing and containing approach to support strong attachment, resilience and intrinsic motivation in our children. It isn't an easy option. It requires thought, introspection and a desire to reflect regularly on our parenting and look deeper into our children's behaviour and our own. It is however rewarding on so many levels building respect, empathy, compassion and life long deep connection.

**Please note only babies under 6 months may attend. There will lots of lovely events on at the library and picturehouse for children to enjoy