Drawing on backs

Game of the week:

It's game of the week time:) Please do let me know if these make a difference in your parenting.

Today's game is a favourite in our house, in fact more than that it is a necessity. My eldest can find it really difficult to access her calm and indeed goes from 0-100 several times a day.

The game is simply 'Drawing on backs'

I think as a teacher I only saw this as a learning tool. My class used to write letters, numbers, words etc depending on what my learning objective was, and guess what they had drawn on each others backs. Children always loved this game. Since learning about Attachment Play I now see how much more this traditional game can be.

It is grounding as you are often seated on the floor to play.

It creates connection through touch.

It creates connection through talking to each other.

It helps us be more present through thinking about what we are drawing and the other thinking about what we are drawing.

It helps us become more regulated as we are feeling and thinking.

It is a calm activity and not activating.

It's important not to use it as a teaching tool as I did in my classroom but simply to focus on connection.

My eldest also has this a resource when we are in new situations and she is finding it hard. She will sit on my lap while I draw on her back. Or if I feel things are getting 'too much' I will suggest we play this. If children are already releasing through crying and raging, then this would not be an appropriate intervention. Once things have settled, you could ask if they would like to play this. It also provides a little 'space' as it's not as intense as staring at each other.

It's also important to remember that at other times our children need much more physical ways to connect like rough and tumble, but I do believe this lovely game has a place too.

Drawing on backs.png