Deepening the bond with your baby workshop

Provides a calm space to reflect and embrace your journey as a mum, while learning gentle ways to deal with the many issues that arise in the exhausting job of a parent. The workshop includes 'The Aware Baby' book by Dr. Aletha Solter, workbook and refreshments. Babies are welcome. The workshop can be delivered in your own setting for 8-10 people and is held over 6 weeks or held on Friday mornings in SE London. Each session is 2 hours and costs £200 per person. I also offer this to individuals or a family allowing us to concentrate on your baby. This costs £800. 

Covers the following topics: 

  • Week 1 Beginnings: Letting your baby feel loved

  • Week 2 Crying : Letting your baby release tension

  • Week 3 Food: Letting your baby become self-regulated

  • Week 4 Sleep: Letting your baby rest

  • Week 5 Play: Letting your baby learn

  • Week 6 Conflicts and Attachment: Letting your baby feel respected and safe

Email for further information.