These are active ways to learn about Aware Parenting. It is now known that we parent as we were parented especially when we are stressed, under pressure or tired. It is vital in our relationship with our children to find ways to react that supports them to grow into confident and happy adults.  I can't promise it will be easy, but I can promise that using the Aware Parenting Philosophy is rewarding, creates connection, compassion and happy relationships that are deeply attached. Be part of this paradigm shift. Get involved and benefit from sharing your story with others in an open, accepting environment. 

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Calendar of upcoming workshops below.

Hello, World!

4th May: Connection through play. A play shop with children.

26th May: The healing effects of crying, raging and laughter. (A 1 day intensive)

8th June: The 3 reasons why children do what you don’t want them to or don’t do what you want them to!

29th June: Connection through play. A play shop just for parents. (Details coming soon)

7th July: Surviving the summer holidays tool kit. (Details coming soon)


Available to book within the privacy of your own home, with your antenatal group, other parenting group or mothers/fathers circle.

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