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“I don’t know what I would do without Rebecca and her weekly support sessions - I appreciate them so much! Her depth of knowledge, wisdom and compassion support me in being the parent that I would like to be, with gentle guidance in re-parenting myself. Whenever I feel stuck, frustrated or can’t see a way to do things differently, she offers a multitude of creative solutions, and I leave each weekly session having learnt something new, feeling more grounded, or with newfound compassion for myself. I also participated in her Transforming Families With Aware Parenting workshop, which was so informative, introspective and fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of their children and themselves. Thank you, Rebecca!”

Lia, Hong Kong

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“Rebecca has been such a gift to me and my family. She is the most loving and kind person ever. She has such a positive and loving energy, she knows aware parenting and the attachment theory very well but never imposes her views and has so much empathy. She always sends useful ressources and I ve been learning so much on this journey with her. I was interested in the aware parenting approach before I met her but i truly started to understand it and everything that goes with this approach by talking with her, reading books and articles she recommended to me. She helped me make big decisions for my family and I’m so grateful I met her."

Choucha, Dallas

Alexa Young, CA

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