Helping you understand and support your child to move beyond their behaviour.


£80 introductory offer

Actual price £155 (+travel)

UK and international packages available. Travel and accommodation extra.

This package includes a 30 minute initial online consultation, a 45 minute home visit within London (Travel expenses extra) and a follow up 30 minute phone call.

Are you exhausted with dealing with your child’s defiance?

Are they acting aggressively towards you and others?

Are you at a loss of how to get them to do what you want or stop doing what you don’t want?

Do you long for joyful and harmonious family life?

Has there been a birth of a new sibling and your child is finding it difficult?

Or perhaps there has been changes, stress or trauma in your child’s life and their behaviour has been affected?

I would love to support you to move towards a happier balance or needs and understand why our children behave in these ways as well as supporting you to help them heal and be there more regulated and happy selves.