Rebecca Sheikh

I am a mother to 2 children ages 5 and 9. I am an Aware Parenting Level 2 Parenting Educator, Inner Child Journey Practitioner, Sandplay therapist and therapeutic play practitioner.  I support parents and organisations to help the children in their care flourish through introspection, self nurturing and a deep awareness.


I provide non-judgemental expert support to parents, childcare professionals and other organisations working with children, wanting to raise compassionate, resilient and intrinsically motivated children ready to embrace their adulthood. My support is attachment focused and trauma informed.

Maru Rojas

Formerly an artist educator and writer, I'm now an Aware Parenting Instructor (Level 1), EC and Potty learning consultant, and mother of two, originally from Mexico but currently based in London.


I would love to share EC with the world and normalise it as part of child-rearing but until that happens, I also love supporting parents to potty train their children in a respectful way that takes into account the needs of both parents and toddlers. Maru runs

My focus within Aware Parenting is to help parents deeply trust their children and their innate goodness, because I believe that raising children in this new paradigm of trust has the potential to change the world. I know it requires a deep reparenting of ourselves and I'm here to support parents in this journey through workshops and consultations.

Aware Parenting

Aware Parenting is a philosophy developed by Dr Solter an international expert in attachment and trauma. There are 3 main aspects to the philosophy. You can read more it here.