‘Absolutely recommend this course!! Tools to help your child be understood and express itself when they not able to verbalise it is priceless! Why would you not want more laughter in your life !?’
— Christel, London

'I learnt that certain behaviours demonstrated by children doesn't necessarily mean that they are bad or naughty or spoilt even. Just like adults they have emotions, needs and expectations but unlike adults they are not able to process and articulate them. It's made me understand how truly important the term 'learning through play' is and how it's not just about teaching children the abc's etc. it's also crucial to understand that they need to learn about handling emotions. This seems really obvious when you think about it but it never occurred to me and I believe a majority of parents don't take this on board and just think their children are naughty or out of control. I would/did think this before I came on the course and it's really opened my eyes.' Sara, London

Next Workshop:

This will be held for 4 sessions in June 2018 @ my home in Crystal Palace, Saturdays 10am -1pm

There are limited spaces so please book early to avoid disappointment. Please note this workshop is for parents. Babies under 6 months welcome.

  • June 2nd

  • June 16th

  • June 23rd

  • June 30th

  •  ** FREE** follow up session

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Course content:

Week 1: Connection and co-operation through non directive play, contingency games and co-operative games

Week 2: Power reversal games, separation games and sibling rivalry

Week 3: Nonsense play and regression play

Week 4: Physical games, symbolic play and how to make Attachment Play a permanent part of your life

The course is designed by Marion Rose a Level 2 AwP Instructor. It is based on the book Attachment Play by Dr Aletha Solter. We learn about the 9 forms of attachment play that you can use with your children to create connection and heal daily traumas however big or small that occur in your children's lives.

I would 100% recommend the course - would even go as far as saying that people without children should look into the course as a way of better understanding how and why humans act the way we do, how to look inwardly not always outward and to build empathy and balance in how we act and treat others.
— Gordon, London