These are active ways to learn about Aware Parenting. It is now known that we parent as we were parented especially when we are stressed, under pressure or tired. It is vital in our relationship with our children to find ways to react that supports them to grow into confident and happy adults.  I can't promise it will be easy, but I can promise that using the Aware Parenting Philosophy is rewarding, creates connection, compassion and happy relationships that are deeply attached. Be part of this paradigm shift. Get involved and benefit from sharing your story with others in an open, accepting environment. 

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Attachment Play Workshop

Next Workshop: This will be held fortnighlty for 4 sessions September, October and November



This workshop is designed by Marion Rose (Level 2 AwP Instructor in Australia) It is based on the book Attachment Play by Aletha Solter. During the 4 sessions we will spend 3 hours each week to delve deeper into the healing mechanism of play and how it can transform your relationships creating more connection and laughter in your home.

'I learnt that certain behaviours demonstrated by children doesn't necessarily mean that they are bad or naughty or spoilt even. Just like adults they have emotions, needs and expectations but unlike adults they are not able to process and articulate them. It's made me understand how truly important the term 'learning through play' is and how it's not just about teaching children the abc's etc. it's also crucial to understand that they need to learn about handling emotions. This seems really obvious when you think about it but it never occurred to me and I believe a majority of parents don't take this on board and just think their children are naughty or out of control. I would/did think this before I came on the course and it's really opened my eyes.' Sara, London

Course Content:

Week 1: How to elicit co-operation away from the time of conflict.

Week 2: Power, separation, loving limits and tears and tantrums.

Week 3: Nonsense games and regression games.

Week 4: Physcial contact games and symbolic play.

If you would like to book your school, NCT, antenatal or any other group onto the 4 week workshop please email Cost: £150 (minimum 6-10 people).

I also offer this course for indiviudals or a family to work through concentrating on your specific issues relating to your children the cost of this is £600. 

Deepening your bond with your baby workshop

Provides a calm space to reflect and embrace your journey as a mum, while learning gentle ways to deal with the many issues that arise in the exhausting job of a parent. The workshop includes 'The Aware Baby' book by Dr. Aletha Solter, workbook and refreshments. Babies are welcome. The workshop can be delivered in your own setting for 8-10 people and is held over 6 weeks or held on Friday mornings in SE London. Each session is 2 hours and costs £200 per person. I also offer this to idividuals or a family allowing us to concentrate on your baby. This costs £800.  Covers the following topics: 

Week 1 Beginnings: Letting your baby feel loved

Week 2 Crying : Letting your baby release tension

Week 3 Food: Letting your baby become self-regulated

Week 4 Sleep: Letting your baby rest

Week 5 Play: Letting your baby learn

Week 6 Conflicts and Attachment: Letting your baby feel respected and safe


Discipline without rewards & punishments 

Learn how to raise cooperative, responsible, and self-disciplined children without being too authoritarian or too permissive. We will discuss the pitfalls of punishments and rewards, and review the basic techniques of democratic discipline with mutual respect between adults and children. Discover the three reasons for inappropriate behaviour, and learn how to change children's behaviour by recognising and meeting their needs. 1 or 2 day workshop that can be arranged in your childcare setting, Antenatal or NCT GROUP. Also look out for dates at local venues.